The celebration of overcoming challenges and realizing achievement many times result in the same emotion. The avenues that we take to meet our goals may sometimes be different but the satisfaction of that achievement fills us with pride, elation and drive. Some of those roads are longer than others...

This website is dedicated to those roads. The roads we, as runners, pound out every day to challenge our bodies and minds to be better fit and more competitive. And the roads we face, as family members, dealing with the tragic loss of loved ones that take us down the path of healing.

Within this site you will find information about the annual Run for Adam Johnson, a road race held in the beautiful surroundings of Huntington, West Virginia. There is much information about the race, past successes and future events. You will also find stories, notes, photos and random musings about Adam Johnson – a friend, a co-worker and a son that was taken from us much too fast.

May your roads lead you to achievement – and may that achievement provide happiness.